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GPS Track, a different take on tracking.

We started the company with affordability as our main focus.
Our mission is to provide clients with a high quality and cost effective tracking solution.
Started as a small business in 2015, GPS Track has grown into a widely used tracking provider over Africa.
Our system is perfect for fleet management, small businesses, or for private use.
We offer after sales support and service to our clients, as well as optional stolen vehicle recovery.


6 Reasons to choose GPS Track

These are only a few reasons why you should consider switching to GPS Track.

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Cost Effective

We are the most affordable tracking company in South Africa.

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Our system provides extremely accurate tracking, as well as detailed history and reports.

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We offer all of our clients access to our secure tracking platform.

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GPS Track is very affordable compared to other tracking companies in South Africa.

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Our trackers are extremely reliable and durable, and includes a 1 year warranty.

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Easy to use

Our tracking platform is very user friendly and easy to use.


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